Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

At Seacrest, we are proud to offer LifeLoop, which is the ultimate platform for connecting residents within our center with their families and loved ones. We feel communication is integral to ensuring your time within our center is made as enjoyable as it can possibly be and with LifeLoop, the ability to stay connected with your loved ones is made easy, convenient, and accessible.

LifeLoop connects residents with their families and caregivers, creating a seamless communication network that provides peace of mind and improves the quality of life for everyone involved.

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Here are some of the benefits of LifeLoop for residents and their families:

  • Easy Communication: LifeLoop provides a simple and user-friendly interface that enables residents and their families to communicate with each other easily. This can be done through video calls, messaging, and sharing photos and videos.
  • Peace of Mind: With LifeLoop, families can keep track of their loved ones’ daily activities and routines. This provides a sense of comfort and reassurance, knowing that their loved ones are safe and well taken care of.
  • Better Engagement: LifeLoop encourages residents to engage in activities and events within our center. By staying informed about upcoming events and activities, residents can participate in social events and life enrichment programming that can assist in improving their mental and physical health.
  • Health Tracking: LifeLoop enables caregivers and family members to track residents’ health progress and stay informed about their medication schedules. This ensures that residents receive the best possible care and attention.
  • Resident Tracking: Tracking and reporting on daily programs is an important feature of LifeLoop that helps staff members ensure that residents are engaged and participating in center activities. By tracking and reporting on resident participation, staff members can identify areas for improvement and make more informed decisions about program scheduling and implementation.

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