We believe that placing the right people behind our patients and residents is key to assuring all-around better continuity of care.

This translates into residents having the same direct caregiver at all times thus fostering a relationship of familiarity and trust. Our team is comprised of professional and dedicated individuals, many of whom have been a part of the Seacrest family for a number of years.

Ralph Neuman


Sara Fuentes

Director of Nursing

Sara has been a member of the Marquis Family since 2016. She has worked her way up at our sister facilities, Coral Harbor Rehabilitation, Laurel Brook Rehabilitation and Cambridge Enhanced Senior Living. Sara started her healthcare career as a Junior Volunteer at Community Medical Center in 1988. Loving that job gave her the passion to become a Certified Nursing Assistant which led her to nursing school, making her the accomplished RN that she is today.

“Work is more than just a job to me.”. Sara Says, “My goal is to continue to always make a difference in the lives of others.”.

In her spare time Sara loves spending time with her family and animals, traveling, cooking, and baking.

Kayla DelVento, LPN

Clinical Liaison

Kayla has been an LPN for 10 years and specializes in subacute care nursing, with experience in nursing management (she was an LTC Unit Manager for 2 years). She left bedside care to work behind the scenes in case management, admissions, and marketing – working as a Clinical Liaison for the last two years.

“My dedication to senior care is evidenced by the fact that even in my role as clinical liaison, I still find the time to work bedside. That’s because I love nothing more than being able to provide top quality care to the patients that I help admit into the facility and watching their successful transitions from acute care to subacute care to home.”

Irene Vanacore

Assistant Director Of Nursing and Specialty Program Lead

Brittany Burns, RN

ADON and Staff Development

Mark Collins

Director of Rehab

Victoria Comisky

Admission Director

Jackie Phillips

Director of Community Relations

Easing Your Transition From Hospital To Home


Rehabilitating You To
Your Optimum Health

Rehabbing Care is who we are and what we do. Our singular goal is to accelerate your return home.


A Heightened Approach To Every Point Of Care

We are living in unprecedented times. Unprecedented care delivery is our resulting mission.


Personalized Attention that Optimizes Medical Outcomes

Care Navigation™ is a collaborative approach to the coordination of YOUR care.


There When You
Need It Most

The Urgent SNF™ Service supports a global healthcare expectation for the right provision of care in the right place at the right time.


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Enjoy being part of a valued team where personal advancement and the development of skills are respected and where you will feel appreciated.

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